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Foodie – Culinary Studio

Let us introduce you to a unique concept FOODIE – culinary studio and experiential cooking. Foodie is aimed at all people who are in love with good food and everything related to it.


Foodie Culinary Studio offers:

  • Special cooking courses categorized by international cuisines or specific topics (Indian, Italian, Greek, Modern Slovak cuisine, Steaks, Sushi, fish specialities or many other courses),
  • Entertaining courses of cooking adjusted to the needs of families with children (preparation of light and quick delicacies or non-traditional family lunches when the whole family gets down to cooking together),
  • Children’s birthday parties (we offer non-typical birthday parties – preparation of birthday delicacies may be fun, too; cooking with a mascot and competitions are sure to make the event a delightful experience),
  • Activities for companies and colleagues (unparalleled teambuilding or experiential business diner after a training session or workshop).


The newly opened culinary studio can be found directly in our hotel. The premises of Foodie offer possibilities to organize free-time activities both for accommodated and non-accommodated guests, thematic courses of cooking or creative teambuilding sessions for companies and colleagues.FOODIE.

FOODIE_kulinarske_studio_miestnost FOODIE_kulinarske_studio_priprava jedla

In Foodie you can experience tasting of gastronomic specialities, take part in courses, learn kitchen-related tips and tricks and try out group activities and competitions in preparing food and drinks. Cosy premises of Foodie are suitable for small and middle-sized groups; apart from courses, Foodie may be used as a private restaurant as well, with an offer of experiential tasting menus ideal for companies and parties.

Bookings and reservations for accommodated / non-accommodated guests:
Reception of Hotel Sitno Forest Resort - 0908 920 016

Bookings and reservations for companies:
Business Department Manager: PhDr. Katarína Pružinová - 0911 106 990

Photogallery -

  • Foodie – Culinary Studio
  • Foodie – Culinary Studio
  • Foodie – Culinary Studio
  • Foodie – Culinary Studio
  • Foodie – Culinary Studio
  • Foodie – Culinary Studio
  • Foodie – Culinary Studio
  • Foodie – Culinary Studio
  • Foodie – Culinary Studio
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